Lordís Day 12 Themes and Divisions


C. Stam


The confession of the Church that Jesus is the Christ, the Anointed of God


1.      What this means for him

2.      What this means for us


C. Bouwman


Anointing equips us for our task in Godís world


1.      Anointing in the Old Testament

2.      The anointing of Jesus

3.      The anointing of Godís people in the New Testament


Jesusí anointing spelled out that he has fulfilled his office with heavenís approval


1.      The background to Jesusí anointing in the Old Testament

2.      The fruit of Jesusí anointing while on earth

3.      The consequence of Jesusí anointing today


W. Bredenhof


Christ is our Eternal Mediator-Warrior-King


Weíll consider:


1.      His reign in our redemption

2.      His reign in the response to our redemption

3.      His reign in the realization of our full redemption


Van Delden


As Christians, we share in Christís anointing as prophet, priest, and king


1.      The noble office bearer at creation

2.      The condemned office bearer after the fall

3.      The justified office bearer through Christ

4.      The restored office bearer through the Spirit


D. Wynia


Jesus is the Christ, the anointed One


1.      The purpose of his anointing

2.      The result of his anointing


R.H. Bremmer


Through Christ I am a Christian


1.      Who Christ is

2.      What being a Christian is


K. Dijk


The meaning of office


1.      For Christ

2.      For us


Christ recreates the true humanity


1.      Through which work?

2.      With what result?


B. Holwerda


The earnestness and comfort of our union with Christ as:


1.      Our chief prophet and teacher

2.      Our only high priest

3.      Our eternal king


J. Kok


The name of Christ


1.      This name is unique

2.      This name is great

3.      This name is wonderful


The gift of God


1.      Given by the Father

2.      Known by the light of the Spirit

3.      Accepted by faith

4.      Used to the glory of God